My Illustration Design Studio Is on a Comeback

Illustration and art design studio in Sterling, Virginia

I still need some kind of curtain or window valence.

And wall hangings.

And to get those boxes removed removed from the lower right corner area of this pic.

But compared to where my studio was yesterday …

Piles of art, design, and business books

… there is CLEAR improvement!

Because yesterday, I wasn’t even able to get behind my desk, let alone bring up my office chair.

And don’t even get me started about the piles of books all over the other corners of the room! 🙂 Thankfully, those are mostly all gone now, too.

This is what happens after a move.

Everything gets messy with boxes and piles of crap everywhere.

Digging out takes time and I’m so excited to be almost there.

I’m so happy to finally get my design studio back in order’ish … it’s like 85% there.

I love seeing all my used art and design books on my shelves!

Do you see how my shelving unites can’t barely breathe, lol, with just how many books they carry on their shelving shoulders?

I try so hard to not keep busying books — used or new — but I’m a hard core bibliophile and just can’t seem to help myself. I enjoy every single book you see on my shelves. I rely on them constantly for reference, insight, and inspiration.

Until next time,

Mayra Ruiz-McPherson



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