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Creative Strategist, Visual Artist, and Illustrator Mayra Ruiz-McPherson brings 25 years of seasoned, hybrid design experience to creative projects.

In between freelance, art licensing, and publishing projects, Mayra’s working toward completing her MFA in Illustration with the Academy of Art University.

Mayra also holds a second masters in Media Psychology and is founder of her own practice, ruiz mcpherson | media.

MRM Illustration

Charlotte Harding: An American Illustrator

Who Was American Illustrator Charlotte Harding (1873-1951)?

An accomplished, American illustrator, Charlotte Harding (1873-1951) was hired to illustrate for magazines and books, Century, Harper’s, McClure’s, Collier’s Weekly, Harper’s Bazaar, and more (Source: Ask Art).

Harding was a product of the Philadelphia School of Design for Women, and she also studied with Howard Pyle, both at Drexel and at the Academy of Fine Arts, from 1897 to 1899.

(Sources: Art Bound and Schoonover Studios)

10 Curated Illustrations by Charlotte Harding

Charlotte Harding: An American Illustrator

This curated collection of 1o illustrations by Harding, and the corresponding, included personal essay (in the slide deck below), were compiled as part of an illustration history course assigned during my Illustration MFA.

As with most male-dominated fields, illustration work of yesteryear was hard to come by for women illustrators yet a few, like Harding, broke threw the glass ceilings and went on to become successful and prolific illustrators in their own right.

I found Harding's body of illustration work to be just stunning; her use of charcoal wash not only creates strong layers of value but also beautifully sets the tone and mood of her subjects.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Harding’s work as much as I have.

Feel free to share any comments or to forward the slides on this post with the illustration enthusiast in your life!

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