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DoodleArt Collection Volume 1 by visual artist and designer Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

Doodle Art I

I recently started organizing all my ink, pencil, and marker doodle art that I’ve scribbled here or there over the past couple of years.

This effort is quite overdue because I literally have doodles after doodles scattered about across my many notebooks, sketchbooks, random sticky notes, and loose sheets of paper stuffed into desk drawers.

At any rate, let’s quickly go over what doodle art is in the first place.

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What is doodle art?

Here’s my take on what doodle art is (or is intended to be):

Doodle art represents loose, casual, and carefree sketches or drawings usually done up for fun or as quick references for future drawing projects. Doodle art can also aid an artist to storyboard his or her ideas as well as serve as mini points of inspiration for grander scale artistic endeavors.

Doodling artists doodle using just about anything that makes a mark, be it a pencil, chalk, marker, watercolor paint, and more.

The goal is more to just have fun and be creatively expressive, even if the doodled art is rough-draft looking or left unfinished (like mine tends to be).

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About my Doodle Art 1 collection

The featured image of this post showcases a wide range of casually doodled art created at different periods of my artistic journey:

  1. Upper left page
    Here is a charcoal-sketched thumbnail of a doll sitting next to a jar and in front of a picture frame containing a child’s teddy bar drawing. The doll’s head and hair, however, were done a bit over using Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Lower left page
    For my Illustration MFA, one of my classes required 10-minute sketches of human figures in action or motion. One week, our photo references were of a revolver-toting cowgirl dressed in a leather-fringed dress and our class had to sketch her up in 10 minutes or less. What you see above is what my 10-minute sketch turned out like.
  3. Right page
    This doodle art of a young girl was rendered using oil paint as part of a larger oil painting project.

I hope you enjoy this doodled art collection debut and I’ll be sharing more of my doodled art via a Volume 2 post soon!

Happy doodling!

Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

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