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A Doodled Dedications for Maricella

A Doodled Dedication for Beautiful Maricella

In 2020, I was introduced to a beautiful young girl with an arresting smile and the warmest of hearts; for privacy reasons, I’ll name her Maricella.

The (extremely) sanitized version of this harrowing tale is that adorable Maricella revealed she was an abused child.

With deep regret, Maricella thereafter sank into a powerful depression; so much so that she was eventually placed into medical care by the state.

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During her hospital stay, I’d visit Maricella as often as I could.

For most of those visits, I’d bring handwritten letters of loving encouragement that I’d slip under Maricella’s pillow so she’d find my notes right around bedtime. And within each of my letters, I would enclose little doodles of her to cheer her up.

Doodled dedications for a girl named Maricella

Little Maricella … always on that mobile phone 🙂

The nurses would tell me, during my various visits, that Maricella would spend her bedtimes pouring over my doodled letters under a faint night light with great delight.

And during my daily calls from Maricella, the child herself would gleefully tell me how much she enjoyed my drawings of her. She’d recount through endless, infectious giggles which doodles were her favorite, and then she’d ask me which doodles of her I’d be bringing her next.

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As with all tales, this one also came to its end.

Although the state eventually reunited Maricella with her family, I’ll always remember her with much love and affection.

And when I think of her from time to time, I remember how much my doodles had meant to her.

Doodled girl using art marker and blue ink pen

This heart-wrenching experience taught me (amongst many other things) the sheer magnitude and uplifting power a simple drawing can have, even if the drawing is just a fun little doodle.

With love,

Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

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