(Hint: Because I love to!)

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Click around + enjoy!

DoodleLicious is home to some of the random stuff that comes out of my creative right brain. The site also centralizes some of my commercial digital art and showcases my creative-focused content.


Request custom art + design services

Need a custom sketch, doodle, or drawing for your email newsletter, for your blog, your ebook or book cover or for your social media? Maybe even for a personalized gift? Perfect! I can help!


Read my Sketchbook

Sketchbook is actually the name of my blog and there I post a few times each month to share creative ideas, recent doodles, current projects, and learning experiences.


Let’s learn together!

While I have some design capability, I hardly know everything and I’m learning every day. I read a lot, practice tons, and take various online courses. Come learn right along with me!