Dino Boy & Dr. Zuk

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Book cover and editorial design and illustration services by Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

Dino Boy is a dinosaur-like, creature-kid from several galaxies away.

His spaceship crashed on planet Earth next to a laboratory managed by the outcasted mad scientist, Dr. Zuk.

The above tale intro comes from the vivid imagination of a talented young man, Brandon, who also happens to be my son.

Brandon created The Adventures of Dino Boy & Dr. Zuk, a story about the zany adventures of an alien-human duo who innocently cause havoc and mayhem everywhere they go.

Dino Boy character concept by Brandon Ruiz-McPherson

Bringing Brandon’s story and many doodles to illustrated life, and packaging them into a book format, has become a family-inspired, self-publishing project that will take some time to complete.

Children's comic and graphic novel idea and illustration by 10-year old Brandon Ruiz-McPherson

Sneak peek into Brandon’s comic series ideation.

I’m not sure when this self-publishing project will be ready as I often get side tracked by client work and grad school assignments.

I have, however, started some of the work. A bit here, a bit there.

I can’t wait to get through grad school so I can have more time to bring my son’s creative ideas and entertaining storytelling to life.

Until then,

Mayra Ruiz-McPherson