Personalized Gift Wrapping Paper

Little boy eating pink ice cream

The pink ice-cream eating kid doodled above is my adorable nephew Chase.

I drew Chase and his baby brother (my other nephew, Maddox, not shown) licking their ice cream cones onto brown packaging paper using markers last Christmas. I then used the doodled packaging paper to wrap their Christmas gifts.

Needless to say, the doodled wrapped gifts were a huge hit with the two boys.

My sister, the kids’ mom, said the kids enjoyed seeing their own faces on the gift wrap so much that she and her husband didn’t have the heart to toss the paper out after the gifts were opened.

In fact, many months AFTER Christmas, the doodled gift wrap prominently hangs from their kitchen fridge door where they share it visibly with family and friends.

So now that Christmas is looming around the corner, I’ve been thinking of decorating a new roll of brown packaging paper with updated images of Chase and Maddox to surprise them again this year.

And this year, I’ll definitely take pictures 🙂 because last year, I didn’t even think to photograph my artwork … something I now regret as I have no way of sharing how lovely it all turned out beyond the single photo I took of Chase’s doodled face, which I’ve shared above.

Let’s see how it goes for this year.

I’ll share more at some point in the coming weeks as we get closer to the holidays.

~ Mayra

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